Beit Or Havurah of the Antelope Valley

Torah Portion Va’etchanan Deuteronomy 3:23 – 7:11
Haftorah: Isaiah 40:1-26   

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Beit Or Havurah Founded By
Rabbi David Hoffman, AH
Rabbi David Hoffman
Photo by Mike Rosenbach
Board of Directors




Erev Shabbat Information

August will be in the McClung home hosted by Yvette.

In September, and for the High Holy Days we will return to the Taback home.

Service Leaders: August 4 – Mike
  August 11 – Avrum
  August 18 – Eric
  August 25 - Renee
June Mazel Tovs
Birthday: August 6 – Pauline Killough
August 6 – Donald Brashears
August 18 – Renee Freiwirth
August 22 – Amanda Freiwirth
August 22- Eric Freiwirth
August 27 – Sue Rosenbach
Anniversary: August 14 – Steve and Renee Freiwirth
Remember to bring your non-perishable food donations to every Beit Or event. These donations go to Antelope Valley College homeless students. Thank you for your amazing support!
Refuah Shlemah
“Wishing Loved Ones a Full Recovery”

Peggy Swassing Yvette   McClung
Donald Brashears   Lea Rosoff   Avrum Harris
Pauline Killough   Chuck and Pat Houston
Steve and Renee Freiwirth
Ms. Alicia Daniels – good friend of Charlotte and Richard
Kate McClung
Irv and Fran Cohen (Gailyn’s In-Laws)
Jenny Rawson (friend of Don and Yvette)
Lilia Mabansag (friend of Renee Freiwirth)
Anita Weiberman (sister of Pauline Killough)
Ron Becker – Friend of Barry and Noemi
Dr. Emil (Uzi) Jacoby – cousin of Barry Yavitch