Beit Or Havurah of the Antelope Valley

Torah Portion Vayishlach Genesis 32:4-36:43
Haftorah: Obadiah 1:1-21   

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Beit Or Havurah Founded By
Rabbi David Hoffman, AH
Rabbi David Hoffman
Photo by Mike Rosenbach
Board of Directors




January 31, 2018
Sad News.

Liat Hoffman, Rabbi David’s middle daughter, lost her 1 month old son Jack Stewart suddenly last night (Tuesday) at about 1130 pm. Her mother Bev and sister Yael are in route from Israel … services will be Thursday afternoon. Liat lives in Washington State at this time.

Jack was Liat’s first child and a healthy infant with no problems. The cause of death is yet to be determined, bur SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is being considered.

Mercy is planning a small service in her home on Thursday, but no details available at this time. Please call Mercy or Avrum if you wish more information.

Bev Hoffman will be at Mercy’s home on February 14, where visitors will be welcomed.

Please remember the Hoffman family in your prayers, and embrace them with love.

Services and dinner resume tonight at Mercy’s home

-Please call Mercy if you plan to attend.

Sunday Morning Study / Discussion Group
10 AM at Avrum Harris’ home. Current topic – Daniel.
Lively and thought-provoking.

Please support Chuck and Pat’s grandson Don in words and prayer. He (along with at least 1 teacher and select members of the drama class at Rosamond High) was targeted on social media this week. The perpetrator - another student – was caught, and claimed it was only a joke, but Don is understandably shaken.

Pat Houston’s skin cancer has returned – she is seeing a specialist next week. Thank you for your support of her.

Upcoming Events
December General Meeting and Hanukah Party – Sunday December 17. Time, place, and details to follow. (No Sunday Study group December 17) First nominations for the next Board of Directors will take place at this General Meeting. Additional nominations can be made at the Feburary Annual Meeting, before elections.
Under this proposal, the positions for the board of directors would be as follows:
The following current Board members are declining re-election:
Avrum Harris Dave Satenstein Mercy Romero
Sue Lippman Mike Barnes  

Additionally, the current Board is proposing a revision to the By-Laws regarding the size and composition of the Board. The proposal will reduce the size of the Board to 5 members from the current 7, which is more appropriate for the size of the membership, and reduce the number of Directors / Members at Large from 3 to 1. This proposal will be voted on at the General Meeting in Feburary, before the election.
Under this proposal, the positions for the board of directors would be as follows:
2018 Annual Meeting – Sunday February 11 10:00 AM at Avrum Harris’ home.
Shabbat Magic Friday Evenings
Welcome the Shabbat in the right way! Begin with Torah Study, 6:00 pm; pray with dignity and devotion during the Kabbalat Shabbat service, 7:00 pm; celebrate the Shabbat with a meal of true celebration 7:45- 9:00 ish pm. There is no need to notify us if you are coming for the Shiur and/or Kabbalat Shabbat Service, but PLEASE let us know for in advance (for catering purposes) if you want to join us for the meal. A suggested donation of $10 per person ($5 for children) is requested to help cover the costs, but all contributions are welcome. Call 661-547-6622 for location information.

Suggested donation amounts for the Erev Shabbat meal are listed below. Please note that all contributions are appreciated, and any additional donations are gratefully accepted.
Child- (age 5 to 16) = $5.00
Child under 5 = free
Adult – (age 17 to 65) = $10.00
Senior – (66 and up) = $5.00
Family Unit Discounts: 1 Adult plus 3 or more Children = $25.00 2 Adults plus 2 or more Children = $25.00

Remember to bring your non-perishable food donations to every Beit Or event. These donations go to Antelope Valley College homeless students. Thank you for your amazing support!

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