Beit Or Havurah of the Antelope Valley

Torah Portion Vayishlach Genesis 32:4-36:43
Haftorah: Obadiah 1:1-21   

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About Us

Beit Or Havurah Founded By
Rabbi David Hoffman, AH
Rabbi David Hoffman
Photo by Mike Rosenbach
Board of Directors




Beir Or Havvurah is a Non-Messanic Jewish Organization. We are not a synagogue. We hold our services and events in the homes of members who volunteer to host.

We are associated with the Conservative Movement. Food served at our events is Kosher.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Beit Or Havurah Is To Be:

  • A House of Prayer: Aiding our members in a search for meaning in life, fulfilling the spiritual needs and longing of our Jewish community, providing a path that brings us closer to each other and to G_d;
  • A house of study: supporting and fostering a community dedicated to Jewish Knowledge, learning and living;
  • A House of assembly: creating a welcoming home and sense of family for our members;
  • An integral part of the foundation of K’lal Yisroel, the Jewish people, supporting Israel and all good causes with support, both financial and otherwise.
In addition, we support congregational participation by families of inter-faith marriages, and those persons whose lifelong journey includes the study and embracing of the Jewish faith.

Statement of Purpose

The specific and primary purposes for which this corporation is formed are:

  1. To operate for the advancement, education, and enrichment of the Jewish Community and the community at large;
  2. To promote, foster, encourage and provide religious, literary, educational , cultural and recreational facilities at Beit Or Havurah of the Antelope Valley, hereinafter at times referred to as the Havurah; to assist the Havurah and its agents;
  3. To provide for scholarships, awards, fellowships, grants in aid, and other educational financial assistance to worthy students, alumni, members of the Havurah and members of the community;
  4. To coordinate with the community in the Antelope Valley and other areas in order to encourage, promote, assist, aid or accomplish any of the aforesaid purposes;
  5. To receive gifts, bequests or devices either outright or as trustee or beneficiary of a trust, to hold, transfer, buy, sell, invest, reinvest real property, cash, stocks, bonds, other investments and all other evidences of value for the purpose set forth in these By-Laws;
  6. To expend monies for the general welfare of the Havurah;
  7. To do any other act and to engage in and carry on any other activity in any manner connected with or incidental to, or calculated to promote, assist, aid or accomplish any of the aforesaid purposes; to exercise all rights, powers and privileges whether as principal, agent, or otherwise and whether alone or with others; and to have and exercise all other rights, powers and privileges now or hereafter belonging to or conferred upon corporations organized under the provisions of Division 2, Part 1 of Corporations Code of the State of California;
  8. Otherwise to provide aid to education supplementary to federal, state and local tax means for the support and benefit of the Havurah.